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     * [[https://​​modules/​fundamentals|Intro to Coding Fundamentals]] (Module, 4 labs)     * [[https://​​modules/​fundamentals|Intro to Coding Fundamentals]] (Module, 4 labs)
     * [[https://​​modules/​intro-device-level-interfaces|Intro to Model Driven Programmability (e.g. NETCONF/​YANG)]] (Module, 4 labs)     * [[https://​​modules/​intro-device-level-interfaces|Intro to Model Driven Programmability (e.g. NETCONF/​YANG)]] (Module, 4 labs)
-  * Use OpenDaylight as Platform for Network Programmability +  * At hackathon we will: 
-  * Use Postman and python for RESTCONF ​and NETCONF +      * Review and discuss ​Network Programmability ​concepts and components ​ 
-  Interact with sample network +      * Use pyang to interact with YANG models 
- +      * Use Python ncclient library to interact with network devices via NETCONF 
 +      ​* Use Postman and Python requests library to interact with network devices via RESTCONF 
 +      Create examples of network automation on a sample network ​
 ---- ----
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 ---- ----
-==== 3. Measurements ​using RIPE Atlas ==== +==== 3. Measuring DNS using RIPE Atlas ==== 
-Champions: Willem Toorop - (NLNET Labs) +Champions: Willem Toorop - (NLNET Labs) - possibly also: Jasper den Hartog - (RIPE NCC)
-  *  ​+
 +Ideas for measurements:​
 +  * **Optimal DNS Latency** -- What is the latency of the Atlas probes to their DHCP configured resolvers, and how does that compare to the latency to some of the more popular Open Resolvers (i.e. Cloudflare, Google, Quad9)?
 +  * **Resolver Jedi** ​ -- IXP Country Jedi is a project that shows if the Internet traffic paths stay within the country. ​ The Resolver Jedi will build upon this idea and show if the DHCP configured resolver on Atlas Probes are within the same country and also the path towards that resolver.
 +Ideas for deployment setups:
 +  * **Run your own DoH server**: Investigating and perhaps create instructions for setting up a DNS over HTTPS (DoH) service. ​ Either shared with a regular website and/or offering it as a standalone resolver service.
 ---- ----
 ==== 4. Secure NTP ==== ==== 4. Secure NTP ====
-To be confirmed+
 Champions: Loganaden Velvindron (AFRINIC) Champions: Loganaden Velvindron (AFRINIC)
-  *  ​+  *  ​NTS interop 
 +  * https://​​doc/​draft-ietf-ntp-using-nts-for-ntp/​ 
 +  * NTS measures are to enable NTP entities to cryptographically identify their communication partner, to ensure authenticity and integrity of exchanged time synchronization packets, and to provide replay protection. 
 ---- ----
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