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To see the 2017 Hackathon click here:

Dates - May 9th to 10th 2018

Full days


Dakar, Senegal. Radisson Blu Hotel - Mermoz 1 Room


Participant Feedback

  • Keziah (Uganda): “I kept on putting off the thought of beginning serious network programming until I attended the Hackathon. Hackathon@AIS opened my eyes to automating and managing network devices with the help of Python programming language. It helped me rediscover and re-invent myself. I now get to work on uncomfortably exciting projects. ”

Summary Report

Drafts/RFCs Worked On

1. NTP

Champions: Logan (AFRINIC), Nitin (from Mauritius - and Serge Goma Parfait (OSC 242)

Jabber will be used for official communication with remote participants.

Guide to connect to jabber

Slides for the NTP session

  1. Introduction to NTP in English:ais_presentation_english.pdf
  2. Introduction a NTP en Francais: ais_presentation_francais.pdf
  3. Pratical session on NTP: no slides.
  4. Session pratique sur NTP: no slides.
  5. NTP privacy session: ntp_hackathon_ais_2018.pdf
  6. Amelioration securite pour NTP: ntp_hackathon_ais_2018.pdf

NTP Participant Presentations

  1. Team 1 (Abdalmonem, Saruni, Nkonge, Khansa et al) ntp_hackathon_team1_2018.pdf
  2. Team 2 (Christine Badji, Ndèye Penda Fall, Fatimata Kone) ntp_hackathon_team2_2018.pdf
  3. Team 3 (Soukeye Faye, Wendwosen Abebe, Ahmadou Seck, Mathias Houngbo) ntp_hackathon_team3_2018.pdf

2. Network Programmability

Champions: Charles Eckel (from US - Cisco,

Slides online: ais-hackathon-network-programmability.pdf

OVA for VM with VPP and Honeycomb for OpenDaylight sample network #3: VPP.ova

3. Intelligent Transportation Systems

Champions: Nabil Benamar (From Morocco - University of Moulay Ismail)

IPWave Participant Presentations


  • Loganaden Velvindron (Mauritius, French speaker)
  • Nitin Mutkawoa (Mauritius, French speaker)
  • Serge-Parfait Goma (Congo, French speaker)
  • Charles Eckel (United States)
  • Khoudia Gueye (Senegal, French speaker)
  • Prof. Nabil Benamar (Morocco, French speaker)


  Wednesday, May 8th
      08:00: Room opens 
      09:00: Introduction and Opening
      10:00: Teams break out. Led by project champions.
      10.30: Break
      12:30: Lunch Break
      15:30: Afternoon break
      18:00: End of Day 1
  Thursday, May 9th
      09:00: Room opens and Teams break out. Led by project champions.
      12:30: Lunch Break
      16:00: Hackathon ends
      17:00: Tear down complete - End of Day 2


  • Remote access equipment within CISCO network
  • OVA for VM with VPP and Honeycomb for OpenDaylight sample network #3: VPP.ova

Participant Preparation

  • Introduction to NTP Protocol
  • Introduction to Network Programmability
  • WireShark intro
  • Intro to Linux/BSD
  • Webinars to introduce participants to various tools
  • Familiarity with the IETF prior to the event ( and RFCs (
  • Familiarity with GitHub prior to the event would be useful to have (
  • Online course on NTP and Networking will be made available to participants prior to the event

Venue Requirements

  • Projector
  • Internet connectivity
  • Virtual Box (on trainees laptops)
  • Server for virtualization - used an Intel NUC
  • LibreOffice - useful for editing all document versions (especially PDFs!!)

Participant Skill Requirements

  • Must be comfortable programming in C and Python (other languages are also a bonus)
  • Must have experience working with the UNIX/Linux Shell
  • Familiarity with IPv4 and IPv6
  • Understanding of Networking and Client - Server architecture
  • Prior experience with UNIX and Linux system administration would be a bonus
  • Knowledge of WireShark and its plugins

What you will need to participate

  • Bring a laptop on which you are comfortable developing software
  • You may be required to install additional software
  • Anything else that is required will be provided, such as Virtual Machines if needed
  • Installing and becoming familiar with VirtualBox or something similar will help
  • Wireless access to the Internet will be provided
  • Team ethic (working as a team to solve a problem)

Post Hackathon Activities

  • Applicants from the African region who have participated in or organized Hackathons and similar outreach activities in the region are highly encouraged to apply for ISOC's IETF Fellowship Program and indicate this information which will strengthen their application.
  • Guidance on how to organize similar hackathons
  • More to be determined

Computers provided by ICT Ministry and the ISOC Senegal Chapter

Google Group Forum


  1. Kevin G. Chege (ISOC)
  2. Stephen Honlue (AFRINIC)
  3. Logan Velvindron (AFRINIC)
  4. Nabil Benamar (University of Moulay Ismail-Morocco)
  5. Cedrick Mbeyet (AFRINIC)
  6. Michuki Mwangi (ISOC)
  7. Betel Hailu (ISOC)
  8. Marsema Tariku (ISOC)
  9. Henok Sisay (ISOC)
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